Who is Reginald Johnson?

RJ is a native of Chicago’s south side and has been privileged to work professionally as a musician for over 15 years. RJ embarked on his journey as a musician learning to play by ear in his home church. Empowered by his natural music ability and personal drive, RJ pursued classical music training and mentoring by some of the best in the industry. RJ’s music knowledge base and overall musicianship rapidly progressed, and soon thereafter afforded him opportunities to gain experience playing keys in live shows and studio for some of Chicago’s and the music industry’s greatest artists. Through JK Melody Productions, RJ has contributed to music through writing, producing and performing with various artists, thus affirming his level of musicianship not only as a player but also as a songwriter, arranger, composer, and producer. Over the years RJ’s work continues to impress critics, as the feedback notably describes RJ as skillful, creative, and consistent across multiple genres of music including; jazz, R&B, neo-soul, and gospel.


His own compositions and style is a modern mix of the two genres, creating a unique “new” Jazz style that is trending quite positively right now. RJ has been quite privileged to work as a professional musician for over 15 years. which has led him to numerous opportunities to play keyboard in live shows and studio recordings for various headlining artists, including Jennifer Hudson, Otis Clay, Christopher Williams, Beverly Crawford, Angie Stone, Boys II Men, and Jon B and Buddy Guy.

RJ currently sustains a firm imprint in the Las Vegas area, working with an array of great jazz groups and within major venues. Most importantly, Las Vegas is where RJ birthed his band, The Assignment, and pursued the vision and responsibility of reminding listeners to spread the message that jazz is very alive, jazz is really hip, jazz is cool, and you don’t have to be afraid to listen to it. RJ’s debut project, Deceiving Eyes, accomplished just that and made a believer out of many. RJ released the project with the intent to “break the rules” and in-turn received respect and appreciation for his nonconformist edge. George W. Harris’ Jazz Weekly review noted RJ as; “Impressive on a myriad of fronts, this guy has a spry touch on the keys, an inquisitive delivery, and the heart of a young lion in delivery.”

As a Yamaha Artist, RJ creates his unique fusion of jazz and R&B music using Yamaha musical instruments for their superb craftsmanship and audio quality. Whether performing at the Wynn Resort or touring with Boyz II Men, when RJ graces the keys, it’s always with Yamaha.

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